Having great coffee on offer in your office has many benefits and will make your workplace happier and more productive.

At Coffee Machine and Beans we understand the importance of having high quality coffee and equipment in your workplace. We will only use high quality brands, such as Jura and Franke. Both Swiss made and proven in the Australian office market.

Purposely, our range is not large, but will cover the majority of workplaces. Keeping our range smaller allows us to specialise in what we do. That is, tweaking the machine to extract the best possible coffee and ensuring our service staff are more efficient when it comes to machine maintenance.

We have spent many years working with office coffee equipment and know what works. That is, the coffee has to taste great, the machine has to be easy to use and clean, it should be reliable and preventative maintenance should be able to be completed quickly.

Whether you are a small office of 5 or a larger operation of 100 staff or more we have a solution for you. Machines are available for purchase, rental or lease to own (subject to approval).

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