Why Machines & Beans

Specialty Cafe Coffee, Premium Coffee Equipment, Technical Expertise, Barista Training and a group of people that like to have fun. This is who we are. These elements combine to bring you an awesome coffee experience. If you need specialty coffee and equipment for your Cafe, coffee solutions for the Office or coffee and equipment for home, we can help!

Sustainable Business

The corporate buzz word! But something that we truly care about and are actively striving to achieve. What are we doing to reduce our footprint? We source our green coffee from sustainable coffee plantations via fair trade and rainforest alliance certifications. We have been stocking re-usable coffee cups since 2010 and were very early adopters of BioCups – the first biodegradable coffee cup on the market. We have a 20kw Solar System on our roof, converted our warehouse to LED lighting, tinted our windows to reduce heat and the need for air-conditioning. We have installed a 10000 Litre water tank underground to capture and reuse water and we never buy packaging or boxes. We keep any we receive and re-use them. We are also about to be involved is some multi-industry sustainability programmes, but more on that soon!