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      Pesado is a company founded by two coffee-loving friends who noticed the lack of quality within their current espresso extraction process.

      To address this problem, they engineered the Pesado Portafilter, Tamper and other barista accessories to improve the consistency and flavour of espresso drinks.

      The Pesado Portafilter is made with durable stainless steel, ensuring a stable seal between the filter’s wall and basket. The Pesado Tamper comes in different sizes to ensure accurate pressurisation within each shot of espresso.

      With these products, Pesado has revolutionised the way people make espresso-based beverages.

      Working with experienced baristas and engineers, they have developed products designed to amplify great taste while limiting human error or waste.

      When used together with the right beans, Pesado’s equipment will ensure your coffee will taste better than ever before!