Victoria Arduino Eagle One
Victoria Arduino Eagle One
Victoria Arduino Eagle One
Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

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It looks good, it performs great, its easy to service and this is why it is our cafe machine of choice.

The Eagle One has been developed with a strong focus on minimising its environmental footprint through the adoption of innovative technologies. By incorporating new materials and implementing a unique machine design, carbon emissions resulting from power consumption are significantly reduced. This not only contributes to a more sustainable approach but also translates into cost savings on power expenditure, particularly when compared to alternative machines.

Introducing the NEO engine, a groundbreaking advancement in our product line. This engine features an instantaneous heating system complemented by a distinctive insulation mechanism, which not only curbs heat dispersion but also reduces energy consumption. Its rapid operation ensures that only the necessary amount of water required for extraction is heated, effectively cutting down on energy-related expenses.

Despite the notable reduction in consumption, the Eagle One maintains exceptional productivity and performance levels. Through a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), it has been demonstrated that the Eagle One exhibits a 23% lower environmental impact compared to machines within the same category.

Another noteworthy aspect is our patented TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) technology. This ingenious system leverages the discharged water to pre-heat incoming water, resulting in an impressive 8% reduction in total machine consumption. Such advancements further highlight our commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency.


  • Shot Clock Timers
  • Auto Flush
  • Machine Auto Clean Cycle
  • Multi Boiler
  • Solenoid activated steam - no more re-kitting the steam tap
  • Easy access for the technician to reduce service times
  • Individual Group Boilers
  • Individual Group Temperature PID
  • Set your coffee recipe in the machine program - multiple recipe's available for different coffee


Model 2 Group  3 Group
Height (mm) 437
Width (mm) 758 988
Depth (mm) 576
Weight (kg) 59
Power 5000W 6500W
Cup Warmer 400W 500W
Group Height (mm) 105 105


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Love these guys! Service my machine back to tip top condition on the same day. Even better I got a free bag of the best beans in the Illawarra.

Dominic Rhodes

Great service and quick delivery! Brought and Airscape 1kg classic storage container and some beans. Packaging was excellent as they used environmentally friendly box filler made of this cool cardboard webbing good job!!

Raw Squirrel 360

Im a uber driver. I love my coffee. I always search for best coffee beans. He's got fresh and best flavour. His very nice person to. Thanks mate.

Kaan Turkmen

Having always bought my coffee from cafes, I’m a total newbie at this whole at-home caper. Daniel was so patient, enthusiastic and helpful. The products showed up within a few days and I was given heaps of clear direction about how to use everything. Saving myself a fortune and I’m really enjoying being more capable, not to mention the smell of my home has improved. Well done guys. Great job.

Coach Armstrong

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