MILANO Stovetop - Charcoal
MILANO Stovetop - Charcoal

MILANO Stovetop - Charcoal

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Discover the MILANO: Your Perfect Stovetop Espresso Maker

Introducing the MILANO, an iconic Italian stovetop espresso maker, lovingly referred to as a moka pot, designed specifically for today's coffee enthusiasts. With over 20,000 reviews and an impressive 4.5/5 star rating, the MILANO stands as one of the top-selling and most sought-after moka pot collections in North America!

Crafted with utmost care, the GROSCHE MILANO Aluminium Stovetop Espresso makers are non-electric moka espresso makers. Made from food-safe, high-quality aluminium, these brewing wonders are compatible with all stove top types, excluding induction.

Unlock the Richness of Stovetop Espresso

The MILANO is the ideal choice for those who savour the robust flavours of a strong shot or double shot of espresso. Unlike traditional filter or drip coffee makers, this brewing method extracts an intensified blend of caffeine and flavour, creating a bolder and more robust brew compared to percolators. With the MILANO Moka Pot, every espresso experience is perfected to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

Unmatched Features and Safety

The MILANO Moka Pot boasts several exceptional features, making it the finest stovetop espresso maker on the market. Crafted with food-safe aluminum and a non-toxic silicone gasket seal, it guarantees both your health and the quality of your coffee. Suitable for gas, glass, propane, and electric stovetops, it ensures versatile usage. However, please note that it is not compatible with induction stovetops.

Safety is paramount, which is why the MILANO is designed with a burn guard on the grip, preventing accidental contact with hot surfaces. Additionally, its 'Made in Italy' certified safety valve efficiently regulates internal pressure, keeping it at a safe level.

Noteworthy Features

  • Soft Touch Handle: The Milano moka coffee maker features a soft-touch handle with a burn guard, providing a comfortable and safe grip for your convenience.
  • Food-Grade Aluminium: The MILANO Moka Pot's high-polished aluminium exterior exudes an exquisite sheen. The meticulously designed threads connecting the top and bottom ensure a secure seal and a long-lasting brewing companion.
  • Italian Safety Valve: Each MILANO pot functions as a pressure vessel, requiring cautious handling. That's why we exclusively employ Italian safety relief valves in our MILANO Moka Espresso Makers, assuring your peace of mind.

Brewing Instructions for the Perfect Stovetop Espresso

Follow these simple steps to craft your desired stovetop espresso with the MILANO:

  1. Begin by removing the top part and the filter funnel of the coffee maker. Fill the lower chamber with cold, fresh water, ensuring it is below the safety valve and not exceeding it.
  2. Fill the filter funnel with finely ground espresso coffee, placing it back into the lower chamber of the MILANO. Screw the top part tightly to secure it.
  3. Set the MILANO on your stovetop over a low to medium flame. Adjust the flame if coffee bubbles up from the filter funnel and into the upper section. Once the gurgling sound subsides, it's a sign that your coffee is ready.
  4. Carefully remove the MILANO from the stovetop and serve. Enjoy your coffee as a bold and flavourful espresso or use it as a base for indulgent cappuccinos or lattes.

Embrace the art of Italian-style moka coffee with the MILANO and elevate your home brewing experience to new heights. Join the legions of coffee lovers who have made the MILANO their ultimate stovetop espresso maker.



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    Love these guys! Service my machine back to tip top condition on the same day. Even better I got a free bag of the best beans in the Illawarra.

    Dominic Rhodes

    Great service and quick delivery! Brought and Airscape 1kg classic storage container and some beans. Packaging was excellent as they used environmentally friendly box filler made of this cool cardboard webbing good job!!

    Raw Squirrel 360

    Im a uber driver. I love my coffee. I always search for best coffee beans. He's got fresh and best flavour. His very nice person to. Thanks mate.

    Kaan Turkmen

    Having always bought my coffee from cafes, I’m a total newbie at this whole at-home caper. Daniel was so patient, enthusiastic and helpful. The products showed up within a few days and I was given heaps of clear direction about how to use everything. Saving myself a fortune and I’m really enjoying being more capable, not to mention the smell of my home has improved. Well done guys. Great job.

    Coach Armstrong

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