Official Pullman Reseller

Posted by Daniel Wilson on

We have now been officially appointed a Pullman Reseller. Pullman are the industry leaders when it comes to precision filter baskets and coffee tamp technology. The days of old are gone and a tamp is no longer a tamp. Many cafes and home baristas are unaware of the importance of using the correct coffee tamper when preparing the coffee in the filter basket. A standard 58mm tamp leaves too much of a gap between the tamp base and the edge of the filter basket and this can lead to an increased chance of tunneling and varied coffee extraction and flavours. The introduction of the Pullman big step base and the Pullman chisel has dramatically improved the consistency of the coffee extraction process and allows the edges of the coffee to be distributed and compressed more effectively. Coffee Machines and Beans love to demonstrate this when you come in and visit, so feel free to drop in. Now in stock are the Pullman Barista Range of Handles and your choice of the Big Step base or the stainless steel 58.5mm original base. This can all be coupled with a matching portafilter handle. See more at