Cafe quality at work

Having great coffee on offer in your office has many benefits and will make your workplace happier more productive (no guarantees of course!). At Coffee Machine and Beans we understand the importance of having high quality coffee and machines, with a range of options to suit any budget.

Whether you are a small office of 5 or a larger operation of 100 staff or more we have a solution for you.

We have two great coffee blends for Office Machines, our popular Above Ground brand, locally roasted using traditional techniques ensures optimum flavours are derived from the bean. Our ‘Secret Blend’ offers a mild yet high quality magic acidity, an upfront hint of herbs and an espresso with a massive body, complemented by a dark chocolate finish. A good sweetness in the cup when enjoyed with milk with the dark chocolate making way for flavours of hazelnut, caramel and a slight hint of berries.

We also supply a range of superior office coffee machines with a dedicated service team to make sure your machine is always ready to deliver great coffee.

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