The all new Franke A200

Posted by Daniel Wilson on

The A200 – The essence of perfection

You can see it and feel it: The A200 impresses in every aspect with its attractive design, sophisticated details and intuitive handling. Listen to the mechanical sound of the ceramic bean grinder and enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Then take your first sip of the perfect crema, enjoy the authentic flavor – and the wonderful certainty: a Franke coffee machine through and through.
Wonderfully easy to operate
It’s never been easier to enjoy the perfect coffee! With the Franke A200 and its intuitive touch screen, up to 36 magical coffee creations can become a reality for your customers. Better still, you don’t need any instruction manuals or prior knowledge to start up or clean the Franke A200 – its display guides you visually through every step.

Enjoy the quality of barista coffee

The A200 invites you to define as many as 36 products and then save them in the menu. Additionally, with the FoamMaster™ coffee maker with milk frother, you can set the foam consistency for specific beverages. Technology, just the way you like it. Drink selection  
  • Two types of beans for added enjoyment
  • Perfect crema
  • Unique milk foam: hand-made or automatic foam production, individually adjustable foam consistency
  • Varieties of chocolate: simple preparation using chocolate capsules
  • Hot water for tea: programmable filling level, also suitable for large cups thanks to the height-adjustable spout
Find out more about the A200 here.