The look, the food, the vibe, the coffee.

A great café needs all of these factors to attract the coffee crowd and keep them coming back. Whilst we cannot help in all these areas, we can definitely supply a superb coffee and the right equipment to showcase your offering.

As a cafe owner, it is hard to distinguish between all the different brands of coffee now available when trying to reach a decision on which one to use. To be honest, making this decision can be a little daunting. Coffee machines and beans understands the importance of this decision and how crucial it is to make your cafe stand out from the hoards of other generic cafes in your area. Get the coffee selection correct, and it will be the main driving force in establishing a regular customer base.Cafe Coffee

So why choose us?

Our mission is to not just be another coffee supplier, but a strategic partner that assists in the development of your business through shared ideas, standard operating procedures, staff training and strategies to promote ongoing growth in your business.

This all sounds great, but it all starts with the right coffee. We roast our own Above Ground coffee at our roasting facility and also partner with Danes Specialty Coffee. It may sound strange to offer coffee from two different roasters, but our mission has always been the same. We want to provide our customers with great coffee. On top of this we began our partnership with Danes when we first started out in the industry. The owner Paul Jackson has been a tremendous mentor and I still consider him one of Australia’s leading coffee gurus with over 17 years roasting experience and an ever growing list of awards, from peer judged national competitions. Our coffee is sourced from the world’s finest coffee estates and roasted to the highest and most consistent standards. It was important to us that the flavour profiles are developed to have the essential attributes of a pedigree blend to compliment our offering. Couple this with our microlot single origins and you will be able to offer a truly remarkable experience to your customer.

We also supply a range of superior café machines with a dedicated service team to make sure your café is ready to meet the demands of every day.

Ethical and Sustainable!

These two words are important to us. We believe in an ethical and sustainable approach to our coffee and our business. Not only is our coffee NASSA certified organic, rainforest alliance certified but our true relationship program ensures that from ‘crop to cup’ the relationship from grower to buyer is a nurtured experience. Installations of solar panels, underground water storage, LED lighting and window tinting in our building have helped on our quest to reduce our environmental footprint along with Biodegradable packing, re-using boxes and donating coffee grinds to the local gardeners.

Coffee with a difference