La Nuova Era Aurora 2 Group


The solid café performer – The La Nuova Era Aurora.
Lease from $57 per week.



The La Nuova Era Aurora is a solid performer. With a 4500W element and a 14 Litre boiler the Aurora has no problem handling the busy periods in your café. Well built, styled and reliable, the Aurora is definitely a good decision when it comes to a heat exchange machine.

Common parts are used throughout the machine, so servicing is never an issue and designed with the technician in mind, helps keep the maintenance costs down over the machine lifecycle.

  • Boiler 14 litre
  • E61 Group Head
  • Heating element 4500W
  • 230V in single-phase/20 AMP
  • Incorporated rotatory motor pump
  • Steam and hot water
  • Boiler’s level at sight
  • One-way valve
  • Automatic boiler’s loading
  • Electronic water level control
  • Adjustable feet
  • Tall Groups


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