Coffee at home should be as good as your favourite cafe - as long as you have the right machine and the right specialty coffee. Luckily, we can help in both of these areas. We have been in operation since 2009 and this experience in the industry has shown us what works and what doesn't. Your home machine should not only look good but make a consistently good coffee and be a reliable addition to your home - for many years to come. Our machines are not throw away appliances, but a proper home coffee machine. We are still servicing machines we sold in our first year of business. We stock ECM machines from Germany, and Italian brands such as: Rocket, Quickmill, 969, Eureka and Quamar.

In the Coffee department we have won many awards, in consecutive years and in multiple categories. These awards are for fresh milk based categories, alternate milk categories, single origin categories as well as espresso categories. Our coffee ranges from Light filter roasts single origins through to dark, punchy blends and everything in between. This combination of machines and award winning coffee will provide you with the best coffee solution in the comfort of your home.

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