For the perfect cup at home

Do you wake up in the morning dreaming of that first coffee? Coffee lovers all want one thing – to enjoy a home cup that rivals what the café on the corner is serving up. Once you have the right machine a high quality bean is the only thing holding you back.

We have plenty of coffee to chose from, it all depends on your personal preference.

Passion for coffee has never been higher and people are becoming more adventurous. The new movement of home coffee roasting is upon us. We have embraced this movement and are now able to supply some home roasting equipment and the green bean to go with it. From Free Trade organic to microlot single origins we have them all here.

At Coffee Machines and Beans we believe in Coffee and making the experience a pleasurable one each and every time. Before you buy, try the bean at our brew bar from a specialty trained Barista.

Have you heard about our Barista School here you can learn about how to get the most out of your machine and how to create the perfect café style coffee.