Moobar Café Milk System

Posted by Daniel Wilson on

The Moobar Café Milk System is the latest must-have tool for any café serious about pumping out high volume coffee at speed. Forget the repetitive lid-off-pour-lid-on rhythm of milk bottles. The Moobar uses 10 litre bladders of milk to swiftly fill up your jugs with precision, reducing waste and saving time. Following in the footsteps of The Juggler, the pioneer milk dispenser that hit the coffee scene about five years ago, the Moobar is priced at around $9,500. Moobar predicts they’ll at least double the 400 units of automatic café milk systems currently in the marketplace by the end of 2018. It’s undoubtedly the next generation in milk delivery technology. Any tool that helps baristas in their pursuit of consistent espresso perfection is bound to be welcomed by both coffee professionals and our customers.