Coffee Supplier Kiama

Coffee Machines and Beans is a local Kiama coffee supplier.

Growing up in Kiama, it is not hard to be inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds the area.  So when it came to developing our new local brand it was important to pay homage to the area. Above Ground Coffee was launched and blend names carefully chosen. This has seen the creation of our Mystics Blend and our Secret Blend.

Our Mystics Blend has an ideal balance between the fruitiness of a natural processed Ethiopian and the smooth milk chocolate character of a pulp-natural Brazilian coffee.   With a ‘mid-point’ roast profile that maximises full body, avoids bitterness and delivers a rich complex flavour with milk. Secret Blend is one you need to discover yourself, similar to the hidden beauty of the Kiama region.

Above Ground

Not only do we have our new Above Ground coffee, but we can also provide our original Danes Specialty Coffee, and have the ability to provide a flavour to suit all palates.

Coffee Machines and Beans has not only taken the time to develop the right style of coffee for your chosen application, we also have spent plenty of time researching, testing and tweaking the best coffee equipment.
It is important to us that we supply coffee equipment that is reliable, consistent and does the coffee justice.

Barista training, service support, awesome coffee and great equipment. If this is what you need for your business or at home, we are happy to help as this is the stuff we love doing.